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Job Description

The Sales Operations Coordinator is responsible for supporting Truk Kings sales queries as a key member of the Sales Operations team. This position will be essential to the sales activities and communications between Truk Kings prospects, current customers and

channel partners. In this role, the Sales Operations Coordinator will collaborate with the sales operation’s specialists, sales representatives and sales leadership to deliver administrative support that optimizes the team’s performance. The Sales Operations Coordinator will assist in sales administrative duties in the areas of sales queries,

documentation, customer/partner meetings and customer engagement programs. They will maintain effective communications with corporate teams across the company to ensure proper sensitivity to the needs of the sales force. The Sales Operations Coordinator will provide outstanding customer service and help the sales team meet

their targets. It includes tele-calling activities, forwarding sales queries to Sales Team, forwarding operational queries to Operations Team.



1) Assist sales organization in generating, documenting and releasing sales queries.

2) Receive, validate and respond to customer portal requests.

3) Review newly acquired customer entries, investigate contact information and conduct new customer outreach activities.

4) Transferring the operational queries to the operations team.

5) Schedule partner and customer onboarding activities.

6) Support sales operations team with updating appropriate sales documentation.

7) Support other sales efforts as assigned.



1) Ability to respond and react to internal and external customers.

2) Clearly communicate & set expectations.

3) Ability to balance simultaneous projects, evaluate workload and prioritize tasks based on criticality.



1) Bachelor's / Master's degree in a business-related function.

2) Minimum of 3 years of business experience

3) Technology, Techno-Logistics, Courier, Freight forwarding experience will be preferred

4) Preferred experience with sales teams, sales partners or b2b customers.



1) Report to the Head of Sales & Operations

2) Work closely with all areas of the company; sales personnel, group leads and other employees and departments within the


3) Direct work with prospects, customers and partners and operations.



We value our employees’ time and efforts. Our commitment to your success is enhanced

by our competitive compensation and extensive benefits package including future growth opportunities within the

company. Plus, we work to maintain the best possible environment for our employees.

1) Demonstrates highest level of detail orientation and organizational skills.

2) Demonstrates a sense of urgency to attain and exceed desired results.

3) Operates in a cooperative and collaborative spirit to achieve shared goals across multiple functions.

4) Displays excellent troubleshooting and creative problem-solving skills, know when to act quickly, where people can learn and grow with the company. We strive to provide a collaborative,

creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture.

Salary Range: 35,000 to 45,000 depending on skills and experience of the candidate. Female candidates will be preferred.


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